Peach Blossom —— Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

  • Effect: Attracting LoveEmotional Trauma HealingEnhancing Interpersonal RelationshipsEnhancing Positive Emotions
  • Applicable Zodiac Signs: Libras|Taureans
  • Applicable MBIT: INFJ|ISFJ
  • Applicable Occupation: Lovers|Emotional workers|Peacemakers

”The Sweet Resonance of Love and Harmony”

Introduction of Strawberry Quartz

A crystal predominately from Mexico and part of it from Usuli Mountain in Russia. The crystal is generally small contains a large amount of fiber iron ore. Good Stolo pear crystal, fiber iron composition and red, crystal to clear.

The Power of Wearing Crystal
  • Attracting Love: Believed to be a magnet for love, this crystal beckons the arrival of romance and the deepening of heartfelt connections.
  • Emotional Trauma Healing: This stone offers a sanctuary for the wounded heart, providing healing vibrations to gently mend the emotional distress and trauma.
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships: Strawberry quartz shines a compassionate light on relationships, nurturing understanding, and kinship among individuals.
  • Enhancing Positive Emotions: It cultivates a garden of positive emotions, fostering joy, happiness, and an overall positive outlook towards life.
Suitable Constellations
For Libra and Taurus,  the strawberry quartz bracelet is a perfect illustrative token of their natural predilection for peace, romance, and the arts.
MBTI Personality Fit
Ideal for the tender-hearted and caring INFJs and ISFJs, strawberry quartz nurtures their intrinsic empathy and devotion to harmonious relationships.
Suitable for Which Crowd to Wear?
This stone serves as a talisman for lovers, peacemakers, and those engaged in the emotional work of caregiving—or simply any soul calling for a touch of self-love and inner peace.
Left or Right Hand Suitability
Worn on the left hand, the strawberry quartz may attract loving energy and emotional healing; whereas, on the right. It may aid in offering nurturance and love to the outside world.
Corresponding Chakras and Effects
Harmonizing with the heart chakra, strawberry quartz deepens the connection to the wellspring of love, nurturing an inner sanctuary of peace and tenderness.

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How to take care of your bracelet: Privacy Policy

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